Review of Trader Joe’s Very Green Product

I’ve used several different greens products over the years. The one thing that stood out about each and every one of them is the taste. Every last product has tasted like absolute crap, that is, until I discovered Trader Joe’s version called ‘Very Green’.

I decided to try it after listening to a fitness podcast and hearing the host rave about it. He was right, it is excellent. Not only is the price right, it tastes like Cactus Kool-Aid (if it even exists)

  • James

    I just tried it today as well. It wasn’t that bad (I mixed it with water). This is the first time I’ve tried a Green Drink so I’m eager to see how it affects my energy. I’ve heard a lot about green drinks so we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks for the post,


  • The Prospector

    I must agree. I just tried some myself for the first time (we may have been listening to the same program as that’s why I made the purchase) and it was not bad at all. My wallet is thankful as well as it was much cheaper the Greens Plus.

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