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How To Eliminate Excuses For Not Working Out

How to eliminate excuses for not working out
-Jimi Varner
1. ‘I’m too busy” — How can you carve time in your schedule, no matter how swamped you are?
It’s about prioritizing and planning ahead. Set a time, schedule it, as if it were a doctors or dental appointment. Sometimes, it’s not convenient, but getting what you want… Read More…

Victory Bootcamp support video:)

check out Victor Laurie support video!

2014 goal setting

It’s already the middle of January 2014. Have you sat down and set some fitness goals for yourself for this year? If not, you will find yourself in the same rut that you were in last year. Face it, life is short. And just like any other area of life, when you set goals, and… Read More…

Harder isn’t always better

While I agree that most people can and should raise the intensity of their exercise program, I do have a concern for this ‘extreme’, ‘insanity’ etc type of mentality that seems to be a growing movement.
It’s been said that most people overreact in the short term, but long term under react . They take… Read More…

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